The noble choice for custom beef processing.

The noble choice for custom beef processing.


Welcome to Noble Meat Company! With deep roots in the meat industry, we’re located in the old Kaufman Meat Locker, this plant has been continuously processing meat since 1945. The new owners, Ben Buses and Hannah Null, have been in the meat processing business over 10 years and in the meat industry much longer than that.

Noble meat company is a Custom Meat Processing plant that is nestled in the heart of downtown Kaufman, TX. While this business has served Kaufman County and the surrounding area in the hands of the Hall Family for generations, it has recently passed into the care of a brother/sister team – Ben Buses and Hannah Null. The new ownership has made the choice to focus on Custom Beef Processing in order to focus on meeting the needs of families of the local community.

We would be honored if you would trust us with your beef processing.

making our mark

Our logo combines the state of Texas, the Texas Flag, and a Butcher’s Cleaver. These three symbols are proud reminders of who we are as craftsmen, Texans, and friendly neighbors. We keep this logo in front of us as a reminder of who we are, and we hope to represent these values to you every time you work with us.


113 S Jefferson St.
Kaufman, TX 75142

T: 972.932.2717
F: @NobleMeatCompany
I: @NobelMeatCo

Monday – Friday
8:00am – 12:00pm
1:00pm – 5:30pm

Saturday and Sunday